Am I relevant?


Am I relevant?

I've been listening to a lot of podcasts, read great blogposts and watched high quality YouTube videos in the past few weeks and began more and more to question my own relevancy on the gram.
Am I just another boring Influencer who stupidly smiles into a camera? Are my outfits more than average? Do I give my followers any substance to think about?

I definitely don't want to simply hold products into a camera. Yes sponsored posts are a thing, but a good blogger knows how to include sponsored content in a creative way. No shame on that.
Personally, I want to be focused on my photography. As you may know, I take a lot of my pictures myself, using a tripod and self timer. Of course there are plenty of amazing photographers out there who are a million times better in their art. Who where trained on how to properly shoot a portrait and how to achieve a nice edit. Nevertheless am I a big fan of self portraits, as they build an in-depth connection to the person actually shown in it. You can feel someones emotions and existence in every part of the picture. That's what I am trying to give my audience but yet somehow I drift away and start to post pictures that I don't actually like myself, just because they look "bloggery" and match my feed. A nasty habit.

Plus I think that I seem very superficial in my captions and stories. I'm usually too lazy to write creative and interesting caption (why though?) and am too insecure to use my story function. I never know what to tell or how to say it, although I definitely would have so much to tell. For example with my friends and family I love to discuss politics, equality, trends, etc. Why don't discuss it on my Instagram as well, which might even lead to interesting conversations in my DM‘s...

Well, yes in my opinion I sometimes am irrelevant on the gram and my posts/captions/stories tend to miss depth. But that's definitely on me and I am the one that should change his habits!

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