What I've learned at University so far


I've learned a lot at university, a lot of economical stuff (what I should, it's my subject) but also a lot about myself.
When I first started in last September I had these expectations of studying but at the same time I didn't actually know what to expect. I guessed I would learn everything I had to know about my subject (economics) and well that's it. Boy, was I wrong.
I got a huge step closer to finding who I am, something that will never actually happen but you can always get there a bit closer. I learned how I need to work, how to manage my time, that I'm actually a morning person, although I literally adore sleep. I was taught how to think, how to a make a proper statement and honestly, that my opinion isn't as important as I wished. I now try not to throw out random statements anymore; more of am I trying to tell why I have a certain opinion and on which facts it is based on.

Additionally, I figured out my personal interests. Next to my studies in economics, which honestly is a rather dry subject (still interesting though), I need creativity. Photography and blogging is what keeps me sane throughout the semester. As much as I love learning about supply and demand or to take photographs, neither one nor the other will fully satisfy me. Only when I have the right balance of economics and the arts, I'm feeling fulfilled.

Now, live, laugh, be happy and enjoy what you’re doing.

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