Lets talk about change // with FAIX


There's a lot more to fashion than looks, try making a difference, for example. Recently I've been contacted by a brand that does a great job, trying to make such a difference. FAIX is a german based brand that produces bags in many different forms. What's cool about them is, that they fully produce their products in Germany. Besides working with a traditional sewing factory, they also work with refugees at a social factory. They offer women in need the opportunity to work and also help them learing German and get educated, so they'll be able to live a better life in their new home country. It's all about fairness. 

FAIX covers a topic, that generally in fashion, but also in our daily life should be discussed more often. We are facing serious problems, which won't be solved easily, but every little action makes a difference. Even if it is only fabricating a product that gives people in need work, it will help. That's what I think is super cool about FAIX, besides their fabulous designs, obviously. 

I chose the Small Bag WYSIWYG, which can be used either as a toiletry bag or a pencil case, or whatever you want to use it for. Personally, I'll use it as toiletry bag since I absolutely need a new one, haha, and it fits my needs perfectly. 
Next to the small bags, they also have super cool backpacks, shoppers and cases. Have a look on their website.

Paid Partnership with FAIX

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