Yellow puffer and a personal note


I'm back with a very new lookbook. Well as you hopefully already know, I'm not one for babbling around how suitable that jacket with these specific jeans is or whatever. I'm more of here's my look now let's talk about personal stuff. So here I am again with my favourite fashion item of winter 2017/18 and you have already seen it plenty on my Instagram. My yellow puffer jacket from asos is everything I ever wanted (I just didn't know it haha). It's my go to item for whenever I like to add a pop of colour to my outfit. It's bright and yellow and huge, how couldn't you adore it?
To be honest I'm generally more of a black, grey or nude colour type of guy (can you say that? haha) but for a while now I've been trying to add more colour to my wardrobe. As much as I love black I've needed a change. And this time it was colours.

Well that's for fashion. Now comes the part you are really interested in (I know, everyone's nosey). A thing I've been struggling most with, especially on my blog is procrastination. You cannot imagine how often I'm dreaming about how it would be if my blog was more successful, if people could read my thoughts, my believes and get to know me just a tiny bit better. But when it comes to actual writing, I'm blocked. I don't know what to tell or how tell it. It's frustrating. And what annoys me most about it is, that it's just me searching for excuses. I'm either too busy with university or too tired or I try to focus more on Instagram, which I do anyway. 
Therefore my new year's resolution for 2018 is to upload more on my blog, to create great content and build a stronger relationship with you guys!

I'm wishing you a happy new year again, even though it's already January 7th and let's do this.

Love, Joel

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