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A question I've been asked so many times, is who is taking my pictures? Well, it depends, the pictures that were shot in the city or in an other country were mostly taken by my family or friends. But what most of you are surprised of, is that all the actual outfit shots were simply taken by myself. Which for me seems to be the easiest and fastest option. Yes, it definitely needs practice (a lot of it) but once you get an idea how it works best for you, the possibilities are endless.
To give you an idea on how I shoot my pictures I am giving you a few personal tips and tricks.

Tripods are your best friend

Tripods are life-savers! It's a must have for every blogger but you don't have to spend a lot of money for it. Buy a simple one, though the quality shouldn't be too bad. The one I use actually belonged to my grandfather. When I first started with photography he thought I had more use for it. Although it's super heavy and anything but modern, I'm absolutely in love with it. Check with your grandparents or parents, maybe they already have one.

Remote-control release for the better

As self-timers are super annoying and half of the pictures are useless, because sprinting into the frame was to hard (yap experienced this myself haha) using a remote-control release is definitely beneficial. My camera makes it even easier, as it connect with my iPhone over Wifi. Thus I can use my phone to take the pictures and at the same time even see the pictures right on there. If your camera doesn't provide such a function yet, you can easily buy a remote-controller for your camera, which shouldn't be to expensive. I guess it's worth the money.

Know your angle

This is general advice, to improve your outfit pictures you should know which angle and poses work best for you. Try literally anything you can think of, look at other bloggers, copy their style and then make it your own. Personally, I'm placing the camera a bit below me and face it upwards, as that seems to make me look taller (which is great when your only 1.65m haha). For poses I am often walking around relax my body and try to capture myself in the middle of a movement. Through that you look more natural and you get that snapshot your craving. 
But maybe you can ace these artsy model poses (I definitely not haha).

Know your camera

Without knowing a least the basics about your camera it's going to be hard, trust me. Learn the basics about ISO, aperture, exposure time, etc. There are millions of articles on the internet just about that and it's not that hard, don't worry. Plus, get familiar with your lens. Try different settings, different backgrounds, maybe you can achieve that blurry background (plot twist you need an aperture of 1.8 or less) or an aesthetic minimalistic look. Just try everything and eventually you'll know exactly how to take your very own fashion pictures.

These are a few things that I'm doing/using. Don't hesitate to think outside the box and develop your very own style. 

Love, Joel

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