Outfit: No matter what...


No matter what...
A line from the song I am just listening to - and my recent life motto. No matter what happens, no matter what you are scared of, no matter what you wanna do, no matter what... just do it! 
There has been such a long time, where I have never had the courage to really be myself. I let the fear of judgment control my life. Not that I was unhappy but there were so many things I just did not do. Whenever there was a risk of making mistakes or embarrass myself, I hid.
But for more than a year now, I became more of a risk taker. I try to be more true to myself and to stop thinking about what possibly could happen.

Well, this outfit is sort of a statement. It is me, it is exactly what I wanted to wear on that day. Yes it may have several patterns in it (the scarf, shirt and socks) but no matter what, I like it.
If you decide to read my future blogpost, you will get know me better, through every post, every outfit, every picture, because no matter what I am doing, it is who I am.

Love, Joel

What I wear: 
 Scarf - Zara
Pants - Cheap Monday 
Jeans Jacket - Levis
Shirt - Vintage
Socks - Somewhere in Brooklyn
Shoes - Dr. Martens
Sunglasses - Ray Ban

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